Introducing Carly Messmer Floral Design

Big news and big changes from Surcee Florals; the name is changing! Allow me to introduce, Carly Messmer Floral Design.

So what prompted this change? Honestly, it was initially the confusion over how to pronounce and spell Surcee. I still do love the name and meaning behind Surcee. It’s a southern term for an unexpected and thoughtful gift. Gift giving is my love language, so unprompted gifts and thoughtful gestures mean a lot to me. And Surcee evoked how I wanted my relationships with my brides and grooms to feel: taken care of, friendly, and comfortable.

But I didn’t love that people were unsure of how to pronounce or spell the name. Each time someone was apprehensive to say my business name, I knew I had to do something about it.

When searching for a new name, easy to pronounce was near the top of my list. And something that reflects my business. Honestly, choosing my own name was an easy decision. Year two of this business means I’m still in start-up mode. This bootstrap business is truly a family affair. My husband, Adam, is often helping me with set ups, loading and unloading, and is my sounding board when I’m trying out new ideas. My baby, Elliott, is occasionally at set ups, too. You can catch him strapped to me in a carrier while I’m delivering bouquets.

It made sense to name the business after myself. It really is my other baby - I’m the one answering emails, designing flowers, delivering bridal bouquets, filing taxes, and cleaning buckets. The new name helps my clients understand that you’re truly working with me, and I’m here for you throughout this entire process.

So I’m pleased to introduce Carly Messmer Floral Design; because like our design philosophy, sometimes classic and timeless is best.