Jamie and Dave's New Riff Wedding in Bellevue, KY

This was such a great wedding for so many reasons. 1 - Jamie is awesome. And anytime you have an awesome bride, wonderful things happen.

2 - We were able to design with a bright and bold color palette. There were some incredible garden roses from Grace Rose Farm and peonies from Sunny Meadows Flower Farm that come in gorgeous pinks, peaches and fuchsia. We also incorporated a lot of air plants and succulents for a fun twist.

And 3 - the venue was fantastic. New Riff is quickly becoming on of my favorite wedding venues in Cincinnati. The dark wood, huge windows, and modern seating really makes it a great spot for guests and photographers alike.

Anastasia at Chapel Lane Photography did an amazing job and I straight up squealed when I was delivered these pictures. Iā€™m always so grateful for photographers that can perfectly capture the feel of the wedding day.