Favorite Spring Wedding Flowers

2020 brides (and beyond!), if you haven’t yet chosen a date or time of year for your wedding, allow me to give you the hard sell on a spring wedding - because spring weddings have the best flowers!

Black and white anemones

Black and white anemones


Black and white anemones are so classic in color, but unexpected and fun in style. I love working with anemones any time of year when I can get my hands on them, but the locally grown bunches always look incredible. Anemones also come in a lot of fun colors- blushes, red, purples and blue. These delicate flowers are interesting because they’ll curl up when they’re away from sun and open back up in the sunny warmth.

Black and white anemones

Black and white anemones


Lilac is a flower that’s full of nostalgia for me. The scent brings me right back to my childhood. Lilac stems are hearty and woody, but they’re blooms are delicate. They work great as a filler or standing alone on their own.

Pink pieris japonica stems

Pink pieris japonica stems

Pieris Japonica

Pieris is an interesting stems full of millions of little buds. A type of lily of the valley-shrub, pieris japonica is a great textural filler flower.

Blush butterfly ranunculus

Blush butterfly ranunculus

Butterfly Ranunculus

It’s hard not to love a sweet, frilly flower. And butterfly ranunculus is just that. These whimsical blooms are great as a soft touch to any bouquet or centerpiece. Blush and whites are so versatile, but they also come in great yellows, oranges and reds.


You can’t talk about spring flowers, without mentioning the king - the peony. Ruffly and fluffy, peonies are a dream to use in wedding florals for both designers and brides alike. Peonies come in so many romantic pinks and whites and can look completely different depending on what stage of bloom they’re at. If you’re getting married in the late spring, expect me to recommend peonies in your floral design

Pink ranunculus

Pink ranunculus


I love designing with ranunculus year round (they’re my boutonniere flower of choice), but like most flowers, they are especially wonderful when they’re growing locally. These dainty flowers with a million petals look delicate, but they actually hold up really well in cold and in heat. They’re much tougher than they look! Ranunculus come in so many great colors and varieties, I love asking my local farmers and my wholesale rep what’s growing and what’s new.


We can’t forget the greens! Blooming branch season is the best! I love designing with blossoms and I really just love when the dead of winter starts to clear and I can see colors on the trees in Cincinnati again. Spirea is one of my favorite spring foliages. It can come in a few stages (just branches and blossoms or greens and blossoms) but it always looks great and it always reminds me of the first few warm days of the year.

Blooming jasmine vine

Blooming jasmine vine


Jasmine is a great vine-y green that can give a lot of line movement to a centerpiece or bouquet, but I especially love it in the spring when their are flower buds just starting to bloom. They smell delicious and they add a great unexpected touch to a piece.

Living the dream surrounded by all my favorite flowers

Living the dream surrounded by all my favorite flowers

And more!

Honestly, there are so many amazing spring flowers. From tulips, to poppies, to foxglove and daffodils. To freesia and stock. The list can just keep growing. So trust me when I say, if flowers are important for your wedding day, the spring is a fantastic time of year to get married.

Photos by Amanda Donaho

A New Year's Eve Wedding at The Monastery

This fancy New Year’s Eve wedding was so much fun! Really, NYE is the best for any wedding. Everyone is so excited for your big day (and the new year!) and on a day with so many incredible moments, you also get to have another big ball drop moment at midnight!

Amanda and Chris had such a classically beautiful wedding at The Monastery. I had such a great time working with them throughout the year to design our flower plan; they are a great couple and you can really see how much they love each other right off the bat.

The bridal party wore classic black, so we went bold with the flower colors to bring in a statement. I loved all the bright pink and juicy purples that we incorporated into the arrangements. We capped the ceremony off with an organic greenery arch to frame the couple. The great thing about having both the ceremony and reception at The Monastery is that arch was able to be a focal point the whole night.

Working at The Monastery is one of my favorites because the venue is absolutely gorgeous, but the staff is also incredible. I know that anytime I work there everything will be seamless.

Photos by Dolce Vita Photography

Sinclair and Moore Flower Workshop

This past week Sinclair and Moore hosted their floral workshop in Seattle, and it reminded me that just one year ago I was on the other side of the country taking in all of the beauty, education, and inspiration from Steve and his team.

It’s always hard to judge the investment of a workshop and whether it pays off in your business. But I know without a doubt that attending Sinclair and Moore was a worthwhile expense in my business from both a design perspective and simply the rejuvenation it gave me in better serving my brides and grooms.

Below are some photos of the beautiful flowers we were able to work with and the designs I’m so proud of. But what isn’t captured is the feeling of excitement, inspiration, and connection that the three way-too-quick days forged between our group.

Photos by Kristen Honeycutt