Flowers, Friends, and Food

A few months ago, Kaytee from Roots Floral Design organized a fun flower get-together. Floral designers from Cincinnati, Kentucky, and Nashville gathered to design, chat flowers, eat delicious food, and just really have the chance to connect.

This is the second annual gathering and it’s really been wonderful to attend. Working for myself, I don’t get a ton of interaction with others who understand the craziness and fun behind wedding floral design. So to have an afternoon to talk shop, design with gorgeous blooms, and have our work photographed by amazing photographers is really the making of a fantastic day in my books.

Laura Katie, Natalie from Veritas Studio and Christina from Function and Flourish did an incredible job photographing our work. I love my floral designer connections, but photographers are pretty special to me too. :)

Below are some photos of my personal favorites from Laura Katie.