Colorful Fall Bouquet - Bouquet Breakdown

This post-holiday season is an exciting time. Sure, it's cold and it feels like a miracle when the sun does come out, but it's also a great time to sit down with a warm cup of coffee and make plans for the new year.

Another reason why I love this time of year? It's engagement season! Engagement season means fewer weddings, but more floral consultations. It's common throughout my consultations to meet with brides who are new to flowers. This is totally normal! I'll never expect a bride to know a rose variety or the difference between scabiosa and ranunculus. Most of the flower varieties that I work with aren't readily available at the grocery store and they aren't something you'd see every day.

To help spread a little bit of floral knowledge I thought it would be fun to break down the ingredients in some of my favorite bouquets. These breakdowns are a neat way to possibly learn new florals and foliage, but to also see how certain elements can be combined to create different styles and designs.


This fall wedding bouquet is rose heavy, but also has pops of other supporting flowers throughout the bouquet. Initially, I wouldn't equate the brighter spray roses with a fall bouquet, but the darker eucalyptus foliage and golden football mum help pull in autumnal color tones. The snapdragon is a nice line flower that keeps the bouquet from being too one-dimensional and the veronica adds a nice touch of whimsy. I'm a big fan of Juliet garden roses and love how the peach rose works against the lighter alstromeria.


I'm planning to make the bouquet breakdown a recurring feature. I hope it's helpful for learning more about wedding flowers and foliage.